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Sany SY35U

Sany SY35U

A rare opportunity to own a brand new Sany SY35U 

These machines are now the choice of the Hire companies being offered with a 5 year warranty 

Ask anyone who own or has used one of these & they all give great reviews 

UNUSED 2023 showing 3 hrs







› Heater

› Manual air condition system*

› USB/Bluetooth Radio

› Armrests (adjustable)

› 12v outlets

› Wiper

› Sprayer f. wiper

› AUX 1 on Joystick

› AUX 2 on Joystick

› 8 stored hydraulic settings for attachments


The SANY SY35U short-tail-swing excavator is a little powerhouse! Its compact dimensions make it the perfect tool wherever power and manoeuvrability need to come together. It can be equipped with attachments such as a hammer or grapple for maximum versatility on construction sites as well as in smaller demolition and civil engineering works.


– Stage V YANMAR 3TNV88F engine

– Advanced load-sensing hydraulic system designed to improve performance

– 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind


Robust and durable – the most important protective elements and reinforcements as well as all access panels parts are made of high-quality metal, ideal for tough use in the construction industry.

Fully resilient – metal covers – durability and robustness are standard features on all SANY mini excavators. For example, panels are made of metal. This makes them particularly robust – and if a accident happens during the tough everyday work on a construction site, it can usually be straightened out again quickly. Furthermore, all maintenance access points are lockable and thus offer additional protection for the interior.

Compact and powerful – on the one hand a short-tail-swing excavator with small dimensions, on the other hand a small powerhouse that offers exceptional performance in its category. For quick and efficient work even in confined circumstances. The extra option of the additional counterweight combined with the long arm gives the excavator an increased range with added stability.

Perfect stability – in every situation – the track width of 1420 mm, the low centre of gravity and the well-designed weight distribution give the SY35U excellent stability. The additional counterweight* also allows the range to be increased when combined with the long arm, and ensures permanent stability with heavy tilt rotators. The short-tail-swing excavator design slightly alters the centre of gravity when swinging and makes it possible to work in confined spaces. The swing-boom ensures an even wider range of applications and makes it possible to work comfortably and safely parallel to building boundaries of any kind.

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